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are watching closely is the balance of the senate and the house. going live to washington d.c. in five minutes. >> also counting the ballots in california, it is important but tedious work. a look at what it takes to get it right. >>> another look at the electoral map. here it is as things stand at this moment, president obama with 122 votes governor romney with 155 magic number of course is 270. we are back with more election coverage right after this. >>> more election results. the situation in florida, a crucial state, right now it is an exact tie with 81% of the precincts reporting. mitt romney and president obama both have 50%. mitt romney has to win florida if he doesn't, it is going to be a very long night for him. now to california. where election workers have their work cut out for them as they tally the ballots. >> the provisional and vote by mail ballots need to be verified and any damaged ballots have to be redone. a 19615 law requires 1% of precincts picked at random to count their ballots by hand. >> it can be extra complicated because there will be campaign workers standing over
to get back to work. >> reporter: with the election in the rear view mirror, the focus in washington is back on efforts to avoid the economically devastating fiscal cliff. >> we just go over the cliff and let the policies stay in effect are we're basically going to undo the recovery. >> reporter: the cliff amounts to $7 trillion in spending cuts and tax increases over the next decade. the treat of these painful cuts, set to begin on january 1st is part of a deal congress and the president made last year to force them to agree on a long-term deficit reduction plan. >> this is an unprecedented scenario that congress has basically put a gun to its own head and said if we don't act we're going to shoot ourselves. >> reporter: so far, that long-term plan hasn't materialized. the biggest chunk of the cliff, the bush tax cuts. they are also a big sticking point democrats insist cuts for families making $250,000 more must end. >> we're serious about reducing the deficit. we have to combine spending cuts with revenue and that means asking the wealthiest americans to pay a little more in ta
. they anticipate a second face- to-face meeting with president obama as soon as this week. >>> also in washington republican senator john mccain backed off from fiery criticism of un un ambassador susan rice about the attack in libya. >> i think she deserved the ability to explain herself and her position as she said, but she is not the problem. the prose problem is that the president of the united states, who in a debate with mitt romney said that he had said it was a terrorist attack. he hadn't. >> senator mccain threatened to block susan rice's nomination for secretary of state. rice has maintained that she based her statements blaming the tack on protesters on cia information at the time. >>> a new gallup poll shows that the afternoon ideal weight for men was 185 pounds. that is up 14 pounds since 1990. the average actual weight for men was 196 pounds up 16 pounds. for women, the ideal weight was 140 pounds. that is up 11 pounds since 1990. the actual weight for women, 156 pounds, also up 14. >>> powerball lottery officials say they expect their jackpot tuesday to reach $425 million. that wi
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3